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Analyze tracks with your collaborators, design a clear song vision, keep track of several projects and secure your ideas in a single spot. To stay up-to-date about our release, sign up to our newsletter.

Why do I need

Together with professionals from the music industry we've analyzed what the main pain points as a musicproducer or songwriter are nowadays. Cosonify turns them into opportunities rather than problems. We want to help you focus on doing what you love - making music together.

A clear Vision

Cosonify helps you communicate your ideas, emotions and opinions clearly. Less talking - more singing!

Secure Data

Cosonify is the one spot to go for all information about your project. No more searching through other peoples public shares in their iCloud account or scrolling through WhatsApp chats - it's all right here.

Know your audience

Personas and audience analysis as well as analysis of songs you like help you target your audience more directly and understanding which steps to take to turn your song into a success.

With our songboard
research a shared sound vision

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Search for songs on Spotify that sound as similar to how you envision your song.

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Mark and comment on the parts of the song that sound interesting for you and your collaborators.

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See key, tempo, mood, etc. of each song you've collected and a summarizing statistic.

about us

Collect ideas, riffs, melodies, etc. with our mobile app companion.

Use your phone to bring your ideas to one place and use Cosonify to process them to new songs. You can't force ideas. But you can store them in the right place so you find them when you need them!

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Our team members

We love what we do and most of the time it's hard work.

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Oliver Kling
UX-/UI-Designer & Music Producer
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Pascal Kraft
Software Developer
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Hanna Becker
Software Developer
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Fabian Glück
Webdesigner & Musician